About Our Company

Our Company

Orlando Reyes is the founder of Websites 4Stagers, a website design, web hosting, maintenance and domain registration company servicing the home staging industry.  Orlando received his home staging certification in 2013 from Home Staging Resource (HSR), the first staging training provider to be accredited by the Real Estate Staging Association. 

Orlando’s background is in information technology and he also has a  passion for design which, when coupled with his technology skills, is a perfect match for creating excellent websites for those in the home staging and design industries. Orlando has been able to use his skills and talents to help other home staging professionals with system implementations, processes and mentoring. 

His enthusiasm for the home staging industry led him to start a local chapter of the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA), RESA Broward Chapter, in 2016 where he served as President -Elect in 2016 and Chapter President from late 2016 to 2018.  He also recently served as RESA Florida State President where he facilitated the opening of 5 chapters in the state of Florida.

Orlando was voted one of the 2018 Top 100 Most Influential People in Real Estate Staging  by RESA and by the International Association of Home Staging Professional (IAHSP).  Orlando has been honored to received the Kathy Nielsen Spirit Award by the Real Estate Staging Association for his dedication and passion to help others in the Home Staging industry.

Why Us?

We are in a visual industry and presentation is everything. This is why we offer the services. Home Stagers need to showcase themselves in a professional, up-to-date, stylish and modern web presence.  Today, consumers are everywhere and they first look online.  If you fail to provide a professional image, you may fail to obtain the level of business and thus the level of success that needs to be achieved. Our mission is to help with your professionalism through the services that we offer.

Our Mission

Our mission is for stagers to succeed with their career and handle their websites.  Instead of the stager having to worry about setting up and servicing their site, 4Stagers would onboard stagers, set up the sites, service those sites and let the market know they are in business.

We are here to support home staging professionals in presenting an up-to-date online presence with fresh website designs and web hosting service at an affordable cost.

Affordable, Trusted web hosting & Website Designs for Home Staging Industry.

We are good at what we do! A home Stager with life long technical skills to support the home staging and design industry.