How To Register A Domain, Signup For Web Hosting & Create A 4Stagers Account

How To Register A Domain, Signup For Web Hosting & Create A 4Stagers Account

What makes us different from any registrar or web host on the Internet is our ability to allow you to register a domainpurchase web hosting and manage everything from a powerful and easy to use platform.  

In this brief tutorial, we'll show you how to get started.

1) Go to and enter your desired domain (See also - How To Register A Domain Name).  

For this example, we're going to register and click the search button. 

2) Once we find out the domain is available (you will see a Congratulations! Domain is available!), Then click add to cart.

3) In step three, we'll select our Hosting package.  Click on [No Hosting Click to Add

For this example, we're going to select our "Plus" package for $14.95/month (price subject to change). This is our most popular package. Select and click Order

4) Since we're already in the process of registering a domain, select "Use a domain already in my shopping cart" on the next page. We'll verify that domain in the drop down window (pictured below) and click Use.

5) For this example, we'll choose the 1 Month Price at $14.95 per month (price subject to change).  The longer you commit, the lower the price.  After selecting, we'll click "Continue"

6) Now that we've added hosting and selected our Registration Period, we're ready to select Addons.

Hero Tip: We recommend all Addons to ensure the highest level of service, including our state of the art DNS Management, Email Forwarding and ID Protection. 

Tick all three boxes to include all three, or choose the one(s) you want. Click "Update Cart" when complete.

7) In this step, we'll verify all that we have done. We have...

·       Selected our "Developer" package at the monthly rate of $10.95 yearly

·       We're registering the domain

·       Including the Addons of DNS Management, Email Forwarding and ID Protection.

Now it's time to Checkout or enter a Promotional Code if we have one. Since we do not, we'll click the green Checkout button.

8) Now, we need to setup our account and enter our domain registration information.

9) Once that information has been filled out, choose payment option (PayPal or Stripe) enter our Credit Card information in the boxes below.  

10) After checking that our information is correct, we'll click the green "Complete Order" (pictured above) button.



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